Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch : complete paintings

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Forfattere: Gerd Woll

Norway's most ambitious art project, spanning roughly 1600 pages and 4 large-format volumes. All of Edvard Munch's nearly 1800 paintings collected for the first time and available to all A Norwegian and international cultural event The definitive reference for everyone with an interest in Edvard Munch's artworks Published in Norwegian and English simultaneously Today Edvard Munch holds an undisputed position as one of the greatest artists in history, something supported by the soaring bids his paintings have fetched at auction in recent years. This is the wealth of information that art buffs, cultural enthusiasts, researchers and collectors have been waiting for. The Munch Museum's uncommonly comprehensive collection of the artist's paintings, graphics, studies and sketches, together with Munch's own letters, notes, documents and photographic material, provides a unique basis for research. All the historical information about Munch's paintings can now be found in Edvard Munch: Collected Paintings I-IV. Gerd Woll, the curator of the Munch Museum, has made a resonant catalog.

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