Et eget rom

Et eget rom

Cappelen Damm AS

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Forfattere: Lotta Elstad

Anna Louisa Millisdotter has her own room and a bank account full of money - what more could a 70-year-old want? Anna Louisa is ripped from her quiet retirement by an article in the country's second biggest newspaper. The author is the same woman who once persuaded her to go into public exile. The woman who claimed to have been lured into prostitution by her academic supervisor. Former student Catherine Wolf, now a professor in Anna Louisa's old faculty. And suddenly the game is on for Anna Louisa. She decides to show her face in public again - for the first time in 20 years. A Room of One's Own is feminist satire, a chamber play with room for both bitcoins and saloon guns. Lotta Elstad writes like a love child of Dag Solstad and Vigdis Hjorth: Intellectual, engaged and witty. DAG OG TID In light, satirical style and with a precise depiction of distinctly Norwegian societal structures, Elstad explores the need to find a place in the world and give life meaning, and how banal the outcome of this struggle can be no matter how strong the fighting spirit once was. KLASSEKAMPEN A novel full of social analyses, brimming with zest. (...) Like Elstad's debut The Studio Apartment, A Room of One's Own is a novel with a political slant. Anna Louisa is bitter at life, tired of the public being made up of idiots, ready to put them in their place. Elstad's short, concise writing style makes this an entertaining read. STAVANGER AFTENBLAD An intellectual, entertaining novel of high standard. MORGENBLADET

Forlag: Cappelen Damm AS Utgave: 1 utg.
Språk: Norsk (Bokmål) Sidetall: 201
ISBN: 9788282880602 Vekt: 376 g
Innbinding: Innbundet Utgitt: 2014
Veil. pris: 399 Kategori: Moderne litteratur

"Lotta Elstad skriv som kjærleiksbarnet til Dag Solstad og Vigdis Hjort: intellektuelt, engasjert og vittig."

"En overskuddsroman full av samfunnsanalyser. (...) I likhet med Elstads debut Ettromsleiligheten er Et eget rom en roman med et politisk anslag. Anna Louisa er bitter på livet, lei av at offentligheten består av idioter, klar for å sette dem på plass. Elstads knappe, konsise skrivestil gjør dette til underholdende lesning."