Outdoor voices

Outdoor voices : the pioneer era of Norwegian landscape architecture 1900-1960

Orfeus Publishing AS

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Forlag: Orfeus Publishing AS

Landscape architecture involves more than just designing gardens and parks. A century has now passed since it was established as a separate study programme at Norges Landbrukshøyskole in Ås, so it seems only natural to focus on its pioneer era, which stretches from 1900 to 1960. This book deals with pioneers in the field as Karen Reistad, Torborg Z. Frølich, Olav L. Moen, Ingolf Eide and the duo Grindaker & Gabrielsen. Professor and landscape architect Jenny B. Osuldsen has inspired colleagues within the discipline to present historical material, sketches and illustrations that have not been published before. Photographer Annar Bjørgli has visited unknown projects such as gardens and cemeteries and via his fantastic photographs has documented the result of a unique pioneer era. Denne boken er utgitt med støtte fra Norsk Miljø- og Biovitenskapelig Universitet - NMBU.

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