Project: Finansparken, architect: Helen & Hard / SAAHA

Project: Finansparken, architect: Helen & Hard / SAAHA

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Forfattere: Thomas McQuillan

Finansparken, the headquarters of the Norwegian financial institution SpareBank 1 SR-Bank in Stavanger, a 7-story wooden building completed in 2019, has been characterized as a .jewel in wood". The building was designed as a collaboration between Helen & Hard and SAAHA Architects, together with Hermann Blumer of Création Holz as specialist timber engineering consultant. This volume presents a curated set of drawings for Finansparken, as well as photographs documenting the structure and detailing of the building process, the project as a whole, and as a part of the morphology of Stavanger. In the essay "Currency", Thomas McQuillan reflects on what made SR-Bank invest in an innovative architectural project, the potential and challenges of using wood as the main material in a structure of this complexity, and on what is achieved by the advanced use of technology in the design and building process: .when architecture is understood not so much expression as it is embodiment, when we can see the tremendous creative and executive effort that a building such as this is produced by, and when architecture becomes a dialog with its process rather than the bearer of some sort of symbology, we can begin to speak of its civic role. One in which its currency is the value of the ideas that inform it." Essay by Thomas McQuillan. Edited by Karl Otto Ellefsen and Dagfinn Sagen.

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