Project: Villa Schreiner, architect: Sverre Fehn

Project: Villa Schreiner, architect: Sverre Fehn

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Forfattere: Mari Hvattum

Villa Schreiner (1963) is one of Sverre Fehn's (1924-2009) most celebrated works, considered an icon of Nordic modernism and example of a particular sensitivity to the natural surroundings. Fehn himself did not see himself as particularly Nordic, however, nor did he romanticize nature. He called Villa Schreiner a "hommage au Japon" and described its relationship to the site as "an act of unparallelled brutality". Returning to Fehn's own description of the Schreiner house, Mari Hvattum's introductory essay situates Villa Schreiner within post-war architectural culture. Presenting Fehn's original drawings for Villa Schreiner, including working drawings, technical specifications, historical as well as brand new photographs, this book gives a unique insight into one of the masterpieces of 20th century architecture. Mari Hvattum is professor of architectural theory and history at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

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