Teaching and learning English interculturally

Teaching and learning English interculturally

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Forfattere: Ragnhild Elisabeth Lund

The new national curriculum for English underlines the subject's role in developing learners' intercultural understanding and ability to communicate with others, "regardless of cultural and linguistic backgrounds". Teaching and Learning English Interculturally follows up these requirements and shows how teachers and learners can work to develop intercultural competence in the English classroom. The book is relevant for teachers and those who study to become teachers of English at all levels in Norwegian compulsory school. The editors of the anthology are Magne Dypedahl and Ragnhild Elisabeth Lund. The authors are Janice Bland, Michael Byram, Christian Carlsen, Magne Dypedahl, Sissil Lea Heggernes, Ragnhild E. Lund and Maria Casado Villanueva.

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