Teaching English in Norway

Teaching English in Norway : ideas, schemes and resources

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Forfattere: Rikke Pihlstrøm

Rikke Pihlstrøm har skrevet en praktisk og god innføring i sentrale temaer i engelsk fagdidaktikk. Boken gir solide faglige perspektiver og teorier på didaktikk, læring og undervisning, og er full av eksempler og tips til undervisningsopplegg. «Teaching English in Norway» is a practical guide for practicing teachers of English and teachers in training. It offers teaching resources for use in your English classroom and presents the underlying principles for the recommended lesson plans and activities. As English teachers, we face new challenges in the classroom every day: How can I organize my teaching so that the students will remember to use the capital «I» when they talk about themselves? What can I do to help my students write a well-structured text? How can I encourage my students to expand their vocabulary? Which reading strategies should I introduce to my students? How can I prepare my students for their exams? «Teaching English in Norway» meets these challenges by presenting lesson plans and activities which will help improve the basic skills of writing, reading, speaking and listening. It is also designed to help expand the students' vocabularies and encourage them to work on their grammar. The book is therefore divided into the following chapters: vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading, speaking and listening. «Teaching English in Norway» also includes a chapter on assessment and a chapter in which numerous teachers contribute their best lesson plans and activities. This last chapter is great for last minute ideas! Each chapter is divided into two parts. In the first research and principles are presented. In the second part of the chapter, you will find lesson plans and activities based on research and principles presented earlier. If you are in a hurry, you can skip the research and go straight to the teaching resources. «The author's style is simple, direct and to the point. She adopts a hands-on approach with a desire to help teachers and student teachers with insight and tools that will help their learners to develop their language skills, expand their vocabulary and work on their grammar.» Ion Drew i Acta Didactica Norge 1/2013

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