The medieval Scandinavian art reader

The medieval Scandinavian art reader

Spartacus Forlag

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Forfattere: Margrethe C. Stang, Laura Tillery

«The Medieval Scandinavian Art Reader» is the first anthology on medieval Scandinavian art and architecture in English. This book looks beyond national divisions to offer an integrated art history of medieval Scandinavia from the Iron Age to the post-Reformation afterlives of medieval artifacts. Beginning with a thorough introduction that maps the Scandinavian world, the twenty chapters situate the medieval monuments and objects in Scandinavia within a range of artistic traditions. Rigorously researched yet accessibly written by leading specialists in the field, the chapters offer fresh approaches to the study of medieval Scandinavia, such as migration, multiculturalism, gender, and materiality, as well as cultural heritage science. Beautiful illustrations, maps, and suggestions for further reading make this book an ideal companion for researchers, students, and the general reader to delve into the stunning, well-preserved visual histories of medieval Scandinavia.

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